Melora Kuhn


Hall of MirrorsStagecoachAfter an ageWannemukas CauseCoyotes HowlHer permanent mark on himCowboyGypsy ritesTheir chance encounterBroken PrinceGretelHis unwavering presenceBlue VeilYoung IndianHis ResolutionThe interior ChamberHercules dreamThe wolf’s cryBefore they knewJackson’s PromiseHis father’s frownRed FoxAbductionDiminishedReflectionSallys mark on TomHomecoming QueenRed LadyHis mark on herMarions mark on TomThe drawing roomPerceiverThe LobbyBanishedTwilight in the pioneer valleyExileIllusionistExplosionMonumentSketch for Sculpture IThe grand hallThe Dressing Room
Melora Kuhn
Hall of Mirrors

Öl auf Leinwand
152 x 183 cm