Yehudit Sasportas


Hashavat Aveda 1Hashavat Aveda 3Kelim 1AKelim 3BThe Owl 1The Owl 2The Rooms / Room no. 1The Rooms / Room no. 6Architecture of Shadows 3Architecture of Shadows 8Raw Material 1Raw Material 2Vertical Swamp 5Vertical Swamp 3TfilinSHICHECHA 23SHICHECHA no. 30SHICHECHA no. 31SHICHECHA no. 33SHICHECHA no. 13SHICHECHA no. 4SHICHECHA no. 6Vortex of Separationcosmic rift 42Rifts of Absence 02Rifts of Absence 09Night voicesFreedom evolvesThe LaboratoryThe LaboratoryThe LaboratoryGuardian of the ThresholdGuardian of the ThresholdThe clearing of the unseenSince then something happenedThe genetic soul
Yehudit Sasportas
Hashavat Aveda 1

Sculptural process / Recording Time: Clay pots, ink drawings, outdoor forest installation, long exposure photography, C-print
115 x 75 cm


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Neo Rauch
on September 26 and 27, 2020
at Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig.
From September 29, 2020, the exhibition can be visited without prior registration during the regular opening times Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.