Kristina Schuldt
February 6 - February 10, 2018
Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin

Kristina Schuldt draws from a repertoire of forms and styles that she encounters everywhere: reading art-historical photo volumes on Dutch genre painting or 20th-century Constructivism and Cubism, leafing through tabloid newspapers, observing people on the street with their smartphones or working in the garden. Her pictures arouse memories of an already seen canon, of body surfaces polished sleek or of the wavy hair of Fernand Léger's machine people, for example, or of Pablo Picasso's strangely deformed and multi-perspectival portraits; they develop a life of their own and an energy that arises not least through the use of intense colors like pink or electric blue. The titles are ambiguous and misleading; they provide a direction without wanting to reveal too much. Kristina Schuldt uses them like an additional color and finds them by walking back through the picture as on a path, in search of the trigger.