Tom Anholt, Mirjam Völker, Titus Schade, Ross Chisholm, Kristina Schuldt
Ausstellung: 9. Januar - 10. Februar 2018
Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin

Tom Anholt's works revolve around a potential transition. Clearly, Anholt refuses rigidity and foregone conclusions. His paintings can be seen as openings or intermediate spaces. They balance on the verge between the concrete and the abstract. He who carefully observes the paintings, will notice traces of their emergence. Almost always they were repainted several times. All these works have something in common. By revealing their own process of origination they all tell a story, and even history.


On every painting one can find mysterious curves that seem to illustrate an otherwise invisible energy flow or small, luminous dots, which appear like star dust right out of a fairy tale. Undoubtedly, these works can be located in an intermediate reality. They have the ability to put you in a certain state, that one finds himself in right after waking up, when the consciousness immerses into the so-called "real reality". Whereas the visions of our dreams, which have a different reality, dissolve so relentlessly, causing a certain melancholy.


But different from such visions and dreams, Anholts paintings don't dissolve. They endure and allow an experience, which may be at first glance unremarkable, but fully transport the viewer to the artist's world. Anholt is taking the viewer on a journey.